Answers for Elders Podcasts: Real Estate 55 Plus

Founder and CEO Juli Anne Gibson, of Real Estate 55 Plus, sat down with me to discuss the specializations required to market and sell homes for seniors in transition. While real estate often has cycles and busy seasons, adult children with seniors in crisis means that her team of agents stays busy year-round. Juli Anne has excellent information on what distinguishes this segment of the market, provides seminars to seniors and their families to work through the process of selling the family home, and advises on the right questions to ask real estate agents in order to find the right fit for you.

Selling a family home is emotional, at best. Trying to find the right home for a parent in the middle of a health crisis, financing the move, readying a home that may have been owned by the same person for more than 50 years, and working through the emotional attachments thereof requires a very specialized real estate agentReal Estate 55 Plus is not just another agency. Rather, they look for seasoned agents with specialty markets and areas (real estate is hyperlocal!) and with a passion and background for working with seniors. Then, they provide specialized coaching and consulting to help agents work through the financial, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a transaction for seniors and their families. Real Estate 55 Plus also works with and recommends contractors who can do roofing, HVAC, painting, staging and other necessary repairs and updates. These are contractors who have worked with them well in the past, offer discounts to seniors, or will allow payment after escrow, realizing some seniors do not have funding up front for the repairs necessary to sell their homes.

Juli Anne and her company also provide workshops to seniors and their families who are wanting to be proactive with their future living arrangements. The three Aging With Choice workshops offered are (1) What’s the Right Sized Home for My Life? (2) What Do I Do with My Stuff? and (3) Embracing the Change!

Another great piece of advice is on the questions to ask when interviewing real estate agents. Some of her top questions to ask include (1) Do you know [your particular] area? Keep in mind, you want an agent who not only knows the comparables in the neighborhood, but also one who has good relationships with buyer’s agents in the area. (2) With how many seniors have you worked? Remember, 90% of homes are sold by 10% of agents. So time in the business does not equal success or experience. (3) How well do you understand the distinct transition and transaction of seniors? (4) Ask for references from past clients! Then call them. Ask previous clients any questions or concerns you have about the entire process and experience. Other people’s testimony tells you more than anything.

For more solid advice and information from Juli Anne, listen to the podcasts.

Contact Real Estate 55 Plus at 1-800-964-1553 or email Juli Anne at Find them online at

For more information and resources for caregiving, go to



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