Welcome to the Answers For Elders blog page! I am here to explore this scary, unknown, daunting, yet potentially beautiful and precious journey of providing care for a loved one. One of the most common relationships for people on this journey is that of parent and child. Except this time around, the child is taking care of an elderly parent. But whether you are caring for a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, dear friend, or a spouse who has been diagnosed with a condition that changes their independence, the relationship has changed. It’s okay to mourn the loss of what was. It’s also okay to embrace the new reality. It can be an incredible experience.

If you’re new to caregiving, I know you have a lot of questions and fears and doubts. I did, too. You wonder about the time commitment. You wonder about keeping your loved one safe, especially when you’re not around. You wonder if it’s okay to feel sad for the loss of the relationship as it used to be, as it was for so long. You wonder if you’re selfish for feeling like you’ve lost your independence and the freedom attached to the life you worked so hard to build that is now so disrupted. You wonder if you’re allowed to be happy to have them alive and with you, yet be so frustrated and mad at the same time, because they aren’t listening or are tempermental and argumentative. You get upset when you have to explain the same thing repeatedly. And you cherish just sitting with them on the couch, holding their hand, watching reruns of a show from 60 years ago.

The answer is…yes. It’s all okay. It’s okay to be happy and angry, sad, fearful, joyful and protective. You’ll probably feel all of these at least a few times. I want to help answer some of the practical questions of what you may need to do to protect and provide for the elder in your life. I want to help alleviate loneliness and guilt. I want to connect you with the people who can help this newfound path be the best possible path for you and for your loved one.

Each month, I’ll focus on a particular topic regarding caregiving and what it means, both to you and your loved one. Click the “Follow” button below to get updates on new blog posts and go to http://www.answersforelders.com for caregiving resources and an online community.


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